The Technology Exists To End
Texting While Driving


The Distracted Driving Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded on a simple core premise—that mobile phone carriers and car makers should put technology in all phones and automobiles that blocks display-intensive uses of phones in easy view of drivers when moving, but not phones held by passengers.

Laws limiting driver behavior enforced by police observation are not enough. They create an unnecessarily unpleasant driving experience for drivers and make inefficient use of police resources. This problem is caused by technology and should be solved by further improvements to the technology.

It is not enough to merely have this technology available for parents and employers to impose on their children and employees. For the safety of all who use the roads, government should require phone companies and car companies to put this technology in all new phones and all new automobiles in a way that cannot be disabled.

For many, the temptation to read a text message or answer a call when it comes in is irresistible. Display and input of text messages should be blocked until the vehicle is stopped. Phone calls to drivers’ phones while moving should be screened by a voice prompt that says: “The person you called appears to be driving. Is this call important or can I take a message?”

Technology gave us fast, convenient wireless communication. Technology can make it safer to use.