Technology Providers

If you have technology that can be part of the solution, please contact us. For any technology that can be included in a universal solution, we will add to our website a short description and a link to your web site, and your technology will be considered by our committees.

We are assembling:

    • technical proposals
    • analyses of technical alternatives,
    • cost projections,
    • specifications, and
    • open source code.

We will make these materials available to carriers and manufacturers without charge and to the public and legislators.

We welcome your tax deductible donation of these materials. Your donation will constitute a dedication of any copyrights to the public domain and a warranty that no party makes a claim of copyrights. Your donation will not affect ownership of any patent rights and will not imply a license under any patents.

We are planning to hire studies of technical alternatives and cost projections. If you think you can provide quality work on these topics for a modest cost, please contact us. We will provide materials we have assembled so far for you to use to make a proposal. Also, please contact us if you have a lead on a charitable funding source for these studies.

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    The Armadillo NoText Desk
    The Armadillo "NoText Desk" from
    The Distracted Driving Foundation supports all technical solutions but does not endorse any particular solutions or products over others.

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